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Link with universitians! has been designed to bring together the people from universities all over the word!

This is the age of networking! Connecting the right people is one of the important ingredients of the success. Above all, it also leads to increased enjoyment of life by meeting interesting people in interesting places!

How will I meet other people in

In, you are most likely to meet people in “groups”.

A group is a “place” where you can meet the people wih whom you you common things.

There are two types of groups: “University” and “Interest”.

For example, every university is represented as a “group” in For “university group”s, the type of the group is “University”.

There can also be “non university” groups. We call them “interest group”s. For example, you can create a new group called “Scandinavian Intern Exchange Group” and set its type to “Interest”. Then people from any university can apply to be a member of your group.

Sub groups?

In addition, within each group, you can also create sub-groups! For example, for a “Literature Club” of a specific university, you can create a subgroup under that university’s group.

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