Environmental Sciences: Top 10 Universities

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Environmental science is a multidisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences to the study of the environment, and the solution of environmental problems.

This is an area which is becoming more and more popular in recent years. And not without a reason, considering the increase in environmental issues.

But what are the best universities in this area?

We are used to USA dominating the every list of World’s Best Universities. It is also the case here with 4 USA universities. But when we look at it on continent level, we realize that it is actually Europe which tops this area, with 5 entries.

It does not go without notice that the list has no universities from Asia, Africa and South America…

Here are the Worlds’ TOP 10 Best Universities in Environmental sciences, according to URAP rank.


1- University of California Berkeley

We have a USAian University at the first position.

The university’s ‘Environmental Science, Policy, and Management‘ Department’s Environmental Sciences (ES) major is an interdisciplinary program that deals with the impact of human activities on natural systems. In order to address these problems, students are trained to apply tools and techniques from a variety of disciplines such as biology, ecology, chemistry, toxicology, geology, hydrology, meteorology, geography, engineering, statistics, behavioral science, policy analysis, economics, and law.

Graduates pursue a variety of opportunities including working for the government, working in non-government or non-profit agencies, and working in the private sector. Or go for higher studies.

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2- Wageningen University & Research Centre

The first European university enters the list at a respectable 2nd position. And it is from The Netherlands.

Wageningen University offers 20 bachelor programmes in the domain of healthy food and living environment. A Bachelor of Science at Wageningen University takes three years.
With the exception of the Bachelor Tourism, fluency in Dutch is a requirement to be admitted to a Bachelor programme.

Unfortunately we do not yet have any community members from this university, thus no members have added it to our online campus campus.Universitian.com.

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3- University of California Davis

The 3rd in the Top 10 Environmental Sciences list is another American University. Strange enough, a few years ago, University of California Davis was in the news in not-so-environmently way. Police had pepper-sprayed protesting students..

But on other days, UC Davis’ teaching and research plays a unique role in bringing together the natural sciences and social sciences, the two essential components of sustainable solutions to today’s environmental  challenges. This univesity is not in the top 3 for nothing…


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4- Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Another European university at the top of this very select list!

The university has chosen to organise its environmental monitoring and assessment into programmes which relate to the Swedish environmental objectives and its commitments under international agreements. The programmes of the university focusses on Forest, Agricultural landscape, Lakes and watercourses, Coastal and sea areas, Built environment, Climate, Biodiversity, Eutrophication, Acidification and Non-toxic environment.

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5- University of Florida

UF’s Environmental Science degree prepares graduates for jobs in environmental consulting companies, government environmental offices or land and water management agencies, or non-government organizations. About one-third of environmental science students advance to graduate or professional degree programs. The combination of the school’s broad undergraduate degree with a subsequent degree is highly marketable.


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6- University of Helsinki

This Finnish university’s related major main subjects are: Aquatic Sciences, Environmental Ecology and Environmental Change and Policy. It is also possible to do a Master’s degree which gives qualifications for teaching in biology. Research at the department covers both biologically and socially oriented environmental research. Strong skills in both disciplines and cross-disciplinarity give a good basis for solution-oriented research and teaching based on the most recent environmental knowledge.


University’s botanical garden image by Retama CC.


7- University of Oxford

The first English university in the Top 10.

The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programmes regarding environmental studies.

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8- University of Queensland

This Australian university’s four specialisations (Majors) encourage students to pursue specific interests within the Program: Earth Science; Ecology and Conservation; Natural Resource Science and Environmental Toxicology.

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9- Harvard University

University’s undergraduate research and design projects in Environmental Sciences and Engineering cut across departments and schools, and cover topics in environmental technology, atmospheric sciences, environmental chemistry, microbiology, water management, energy, climate, and oceanography.

Students in Environmental Sciences and Engineering (ESE) study the fundamental processes and technologies underlying environmental systems, including natural and polluted waters and soils, the atmosphere, climate, and energy. Students learn to apply these principles to develop solutions to complex environmental problems and to mitigate human impacts on the environment.

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10- University of Copenhagen

This Danish university completes the Top 10 list in Environmental Studies.

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